The Disney Olympic Team – Final Entrants

As the Olympics come to a close, I thought I’d throw just a few more Disney athletes into the mix. I know this is in no way a comprehensive list, and if anyone would like to add to it, feel free! Without further adieu, here are my choices for Disney characters and their Olympic events:

First off, in the category of high jumps, I give you that spring-tailed master of bounce!

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The Disney Olympic Team – More Entrants

With the Olympics winding down, I have more characters and events I’d enlist from the Disney stable of athletes. I will be listing as many entrants as I can over the next couple days. Hope you enjoy!

In the Equestrian field, I give you one of the most agile competitors, with her trusty horse, Khan:

Bet she’d love to see her reflection in a gold medal!


For track and field, someone whose name is consistently used in many events!



If his parents don’t make him settle for silver, that is.


In boxing, I give you a family. From “The Happiest Millionaire” I give you the Biddles:


I hear Sister Cordy has dynamite up her sleeve!


I mentioned in my first Olympic post this swimmer as a runner up, but there’s nothing slow about him, so without further delay, our addition to the swim team:


He so totally rocks! Duuuude…..


And for weightlifting? In the spirit of the ancient Olympians….


Look! He’s holding up the whole blog post!


More to follow tomorrow! I’d love to hear about others you’d pick for these events!



The Disney Olympic Team – Archery

I have to say, looks like the U.K. has this event in the bag, with two strong competitors – both with a penchant for splitting already bullseyed arrows in two.

First up, on the women’s side: while new to the scene, she is the most formidable archer we’ve seen in a long time, if ever.

She’ll be shootin’ for her own medal!

If ever there was a woman destined for the Olmpics, it would be Merida. With her fierce determination and spot on accuracy, she would be a shoo in for a gold medal among the females in competition (and most of the males as well!). As well as she shot in the archery contest in Disney/Pixar’s Brave, imagine how amazing she would be in a non-constricting uniform instead of that ripped dress! It begs the question, “If you had a chance to win a gold, would ya?”

And for the men?


Sir Robin of Foxley…er…Locksley.

Robin Hood has been, and always will be, as accurate an archer as any. With his sharp eye and quick arm, he can even change the direction of an arrow in midair! Of course, the judges are still checking to see if that move would be legal on an Olympic field. Of course, Robin would be nothing without his fan support. The people love him – they cheer him wherever he goes. The main reason for this? As good as Robin is on the field, nobody can top him in giving back to the community.


So there you have it, folks. Anyone else have great picks for archery?

The Disney Olympic Team – Swimming

These posts are starting a little later than I had hoped. Like others, I’ve been wrapped up in the Olympics. I can’t help it – if we’re home and awake, the TV is on, many times flipping between three channels. For sports fans, what’s not to love? Basketball, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, track and field, table tennis… the list goes on and on!
Yet, in all of this excitement, I can’t help thinking of which Disney characters would excel at certain Olympic events. Obviously, if there were an event for defeating dark wizards, Mary Poppins would win hands down. But what about the Olympic events that are actual events? Surely, there are favorites that would be hands down favorites to medal! Therefore, over the upcoming days, I’ll be revealing some of my thoughts and reader opinions on The Disney Olympic Team. Today, we’ll focus on swimming, and the top pick should be pretty obvious.

Ariel from Atlantica, with her coaches Flounder and Sebastian!

In swimming, no one could come close to Ariel. Not only can the girl out swim sharks, she looks good while doing it, maneuvering with grace and finesse. Of course, we’re assuming that fins are approved swimwear; the aerodynamics of those things are amazing!

“How am I supposed to dolphin kick with these things?”

One could argue that without the fins she wouldn’t be as good – after all, when she was knocked out of a boat right before kissing Eric, he did have to pull her out or the water. But I’d like to think once she got more used to her land legs, she could kick in the water with the best of them.

Of course, we know Eric won’t be winning any rowing medals anytime soon….

Other runners upĀ  would be King Trition, Nemo, Crush, and perhaps even Monstro!

How about you guys? Who would you pick for your swim team?