The Disney Olympic Team – Swimming

These posts are starting a little later than I had hoped. Like others, I’ve been wrapped up in the Olympics. I can’t help it – if we’re home and awake, the TV is on, many times flipping between three channels. For sports fans, what’s not to love? Basketball, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, track and field, table tennis… the list goes on and on!
Yet, in all of this excitement, I can’t help thinking of which Disney characters would excel at certain Olympic events. Obviously, if there were an event for defeating dark wizards, Mary Poppins would win hands down. But what about the Olympic events that are actual events? Surely, there are favorites that would be hands down favorites to medal! Therefore, over the upcoming days, I’ll be revealing some of my thoughts and reader opinions on The Disney Olympic Team. Today, we’ll focus on swimming, and the top pick should be pretty obvious.

Ariel from Atlantica, with her coaches Flounder and Sebastian!

In swimming, no one could come close to Ariel. Not only can the girl out swim sharks, she looks good while doing it, maneuvering with grace and finesse. Of course, we’re assuming that fins are approved swimwear; the aerodynamics of those things are amazing!

“How am I supposed to dolphin kick with these things?”

One could argue that without the fins she wouldn’t be as good – after all, when she was knocked out of a boat right before kissing Eric, he did have to pull her out or the water. But I’d like to think once she got more used to her land legs, she could kick in the water with the best of them.

Of course, we know Eric won’t be winning any rowing medals anytime soon….

Other runners up  would be King Trition, Nemo, Crush, and perhaps even Monstro!

How about you guys? Who would you pick for your swim team?

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