The Disney Olympic Team – More Entrants

With the Olympics winding down, I have more characters and events I’d enlist from the Disney stable of athletes. I will be listing as many entrants as I can over the next couple days. Hope you enjoy!

In the Equestrian field, I give you one of the most agile competitors, with her trusty horse, Khan:

Bet she’d love to see her reflection in a gold medal!


For track and field, someone whose name is consistently used in many events!



If his parents don’t make him settle for silver, that is.


In boxing, I give you a family. From “The Happiest Millionaire” I give you the Biddles:


I hear Sister Cordy has dynamite up her sleeve!


I mentioned in my first Olympic post this swimmer as a runner up, but there’s nothing slow about him, so without further delay, our addition to the swim team:


He so totally rocks! Duuuude…..


And for weightlifting? In the spirit of the ancient Olympians….


Look! He’s holding up the whole blog post!


More to follow tomorrow! I’d love to hear about others you’d pick for these events!



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