How to Play to DisNerds

My wife and I, along with other people we know, are fans of ABC’s new show, “Once Upon a Time.” Aside from just being plain intriguing with its warped fairy tale characters and alter egos, it’s a product of Disney synergy at its finest. The Dwarves are named after their Disney counterparts, Snow White has been known to hum “With a Smile and a Song,” and Belle looks awfully familiar in her gold dress. Then there’s the case of the “antique” in one of the cases of Mr. Gold’s antique shop:

That push button Mickey phone must be a pretty magical antique – why else would he have it locked up?

Watching the show to see what special touches like that may be thrown in next is definitely a highlight for me. Of course, being on ABC, a Disney owned company, the show writers can throw Disney-esque references in there and get away with it.

Of course there are other references out there, not necessarily in a television show, not necessarily linked directly to Disney, but references that, being a geek for all things Disney, I eat right up.

For example, foods that remind me of Disney catch my eye, and sometimes taste buds as well. I can’t resist the scent of churros. While not a Disney specific product, boy do they ever remind me of a certain theme park in Anaheim. Taking a bite, for a few brief moments I can almost see myself standing by the churro cart at the end of Main Street, USA, and I think the people that sell churros outside of the parks know this. I’m a sucker for cinnamon, sugar and Disney.

If I need Orange Juice, what kind do I enjoy the most?

Oh Donald, I’m so glad you can be a part of my balanced breakfast!

Then there are those products that aren’t aimed at Disney fans at all; nonetheless, they hit the mark. A few years back, Avon sold a cologne for men called “RPM.” It was described as a fresh, citrus, and slightly woodsy smell. So naturally, what did it remind meĀ  of? Soarin’ Over California. Of course, I bought it because I’m a sucker for scents of Disney. I once spent an hour at a nickel poker machine at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas just because the fountain I was sitting next to reminded me of the smell of the water in Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m convinced a former Imagineer designed that fountain just to ensnare DisNerds like me.

Apparently it doesn’t take much to get my attention with a mention, tie-in or even scent that brings about a Disney feeling or memory. The latest product to come my way and evoke those feelings?

Look, they even have a Skyway!

There are so many other examples I can’t even think of at the moment, but sometimes even I look at myself and think, “How crazy am I to let myself be so influenced by Disney?” Yet, tis the life I lead… the life of a DisNerd.

And for some odd reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a perfumist out there trying to concoct “Eau de Pirate Water.”