How to Play to DisNerds

My wife and I, along with other people we know, are fans of ABC’s new show, “Once Upon a Time.” Aside from just being plain intriguing with its warped fairy tale characters and alter egos, it’s a product of Disney synergy at its finest. The Dwarves are named after their Disney counterparts, Snow White has been known to hum “With a Smile and a Song,” and Belle looks awfully familiar in her gold dress. Then there’s the case of the “antique” in one of the cases of Mr. Gold’s antique shop:

That push button Mickey phone must be a pretty magical antique – why else would he have it locked up?

Watching the show to see what special touches like that may be thrown in next is definitely a highlight for me. Of course, being on ABC, a Disney owned company, the show writers can throw Disney-esque references in there and get away with it.

Of course there are other references out there, not necessarily in a television show, not necessarily linked directly to Disney, but references that, being a geek for all things Disney, I eat right up.

For example, foods that remind me of Disney catch my eye, and sometimes taste buds as well. I can’t resist the scent of churros. While not a Disney specific product, boy do they ever remind me of a certain theme park in Anaheim. Taking a bite, for a few brief moments I can almost see myself standing by the churro cart at the end of Main Street, USA, and I think the people that sell churros outside of the parks know this. I’m a sucker for cinnamon, sugar and Disney.

If I need Orange Juice, what kind do I enjoy the most?

Oh Donald, I’m so glad you can be a part of my balanced breakfast!

Then there are those products that aren’t aimed at Disney fans at all; nonetheless, they hit the mark. A few years back, Avon sold a cologne for men called “RPM.” It was described as a fresh, citrus, and slightly woodsy smell. So naturally, what did it remind me  of? Soarin’ Over California. Of course, I bought it because I’m a sucker for scents of Disney. I once spent an hour at a nickel poker machine at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas just because the fountain I was sitting next to reminded me of the smell of the water in Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m convinced a former Imagineer designed that fountain just to ensnare DisNerds like me.

Apparently it doesn’t take much to get my attention with a mention, tie-in or even scent that brings about a Disney feeling or memory. The latest product to come my way and evoke those feelings?

Look, they even have a Skyway!

There are so many other examples I can’t even think of at the moment, but sometimes even I look at myself and think, “How crazy am I to let myself be so influenced by Disney?” Yet, tis the life I lead… the life of a DisNerd.

And for some odd reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a perfumist out there trying to concoct “Eau de Pirate Water.”

One thought on “How to Play to DisNerds

  1. The phone is actually Mickey himself. That’s why it’s locked up. If he were to break free of the Evil Queen’s mind control…

    Okay, maybe not. But I do love that show ^_^

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