A Running DisNerd, Part 1: I Don’t Run.

RunDisney Logo Copyright The Walt Disney Company

RunDisney Logo Copyright The Walt Disney Company

If you frequent Disney Parks or follow the Disney Parks Blog (or many other blogs for that matter) online, I’m sure you’ve heard of RunDisney. In case you haven’t, RunDisney is Disney’s, you guessed it, running division. If you’ve heard of a marathon, half-marathon, 10k, or 5k taking place within the confines of Disney-owned property, it’s a RunDisney event. Countless numbers sign up for these events many months in advance to run different themed competitive and non-competitive races throughout the parks. The races have been known to sell out in days, sometimes even hours! At any RunDisney event, you will see all types of runners, including many costumed runners, depending on the theme of the particular run they’re participating in. These races seem to be the perfect type of events for Disney fans, young and old, who are into running as well. And I’ve always thought to myself, “Well, that’s nice for them.”

But not for me. I’ve never been a runner.

Okay, there was that one fifty-yard dash in fifth grade, where I managed to come in fifth place, and actually got a ribbon. However, my running days pretty much began and ended there. I’ll admit, I’m out of shape. I’ve been meaning to do something about that. But running has never been one of my preferred methods. Do I run? Maybe when chased, but that’s about it. Therefore, is RunDisney for me? Had you asked me previously, I would tell you it was not in the cards. At least, this was the case up until last summer, when Mrs. DisNerd mentioned that registration was going to be opening up for the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon weekend in May 2015. The event that specifically caught our attention was the Never Land 5k. If you’ve been reading Confessions for any amount of time, you know through posts such as “Still Living In Never Land” and “Real Character (Or, How Peter and Jake Made Wendy’s Day Perfectly Darling)” exactly how much Peter Pan and his Never Land family mean to us. With that being said, if there were a RunDisney event I was willing to participate in, the Never Land 5k would be the one.So, on that August morning, as registration opened, I registered our family to run in this event, with full intent of getting in shape for the run.

I’m ashamed to admit, this hasn’t happened yet for yours truly, and I’m running out of time. A little more than a month out, and this DisNerd is nowhere near ready. I could blame injury (not the best knee in the world, a sprained ankle at one point), I could blame allergies and sickness, but in all honesty, what I blame most of all is me. Between everything else, there still should have been time to train and prep. It just hasn’t happen, and I can only point the finger at myself.

With that realization out of the way, I feel there is still time to ready myself for a 5k without killing myself. I know I could walk at a brisk pace even. But this is RUNDisney, and now I have something to prove to myself. So begins a month and a half of training, to get into a decent running/jogging shape, and cross the finish line to earn my first 5k medal.

Will winning this make me an honorary Lost Boy? Picture copyright The Walt Disney Company

Will winning this make me an honorary Lost Boy?
Picture copyright The Walt Disney Company

I plan on posting an occasional update on my progress here, as well as sharing my overall experience with a RunDisney event. I’d like to ask you to join me on this journey. I’d also like to hear from you, fellow DisNerds. Any other RunDisney participants out there? I’d love to know your stories or experiences – maybe we can inspire each other! Can’t wait to share with you all at the finish line!

12 thoughts on “A Running DisNerd, Part 1: I Don’t Run.

  1. Keep up the progress! It doesn’t happen overnight. Try googling the couch to 5k program. It’s brilliant. You start off small and gradually increase so you’re up to speed by the time you get to the event. I’m not one of those crazy runners. My asthma only allows for so much without having to be transported to the hospital. However! I’ve learned what I can do and I work with it. Cheering you on buddy! You’ve got this!

  2. Craig good for you!!! The RunDisney events are soooo much fun! The 2012 Disneyland half marathon was the main reason why I started to train back in 2011. I can’t say enough how much fun they are! The support staff, the characters, I would have loved to run with you. You still have plenty of time to train. Run / walking is nothing to be ashamed of if need be. Do what you can. You will be surprised how the excitement of race day will energize you and keep you motivated till the end. Good luck!!

  3. Good luck with your 5k! My husband and I have just signed up for the Wine and Dine half, and as someone else who hated running, I completely understand your post.

    We have our first ever 5k in May (so around the same time really) its a local race, but all being well it should be a good stepping stone to having to confidence to do a 10k in the Summer and then complete the Wine and Dine half in November. We have been using a nike+ training plan for our 5k training, but doing a run/walk method like Jeff Galloway advocates. We can now run/walk 5k in 35 minutes which is fantastic, but i’m hoping to get it down to 30mins by actual race time!

    I’ll keep an eye on your blog and follow your progress!

    • Thank you! I am definitely taking it slow with the walk/run method. I want to definitely be ahead of the sweep time – that’s my goal for my first ever run! Best of wishes on your running quest as well – keep us updated!

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