The 15 Day Disneyland Challenge – Day 14

Note: This post is part of a 15 Day challenge with questions referring to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. For more information, or to see all 15 questions, please refer to the introductory post, The 15 Day Disneyland Challenge. As stated in that post, I am not the creator of the challenge – just a willing participant!

Day 14: Your Favorite Place To Eat In the Park

This one is harsh – especially for a Disney foodie. There are few places I don’t like to eat in the park. I’m a fan of Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port and their shareable Count Down Chicken Fusili. The Monte Cristos in the Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans – artery clogging goodness, along with the overall atmosphere of both spots. Village Haus in Fantasyland? Love the decor and the yodeling music that goes along with it! Skewers at the Bengal Barbecue? Yes, please! Jolly Holiday bakery? Practically perfect in every way! Corn dogs from the Little Red Wagon? Don’t mind if I do! If you were to ask my daughter, any place that sells a kids’ power pack is at the top of her list. Until someone offers to get me into Club 33, that one won’t even be an option.

So many decisions, but if I had to narrow down to one (and for the sake of this post I must)….


It’s Just Plain….Beautiful.


It only makes sense that my favorite dining spot in The Land would be in my favorite land. There’s an elegance to the place that’s quaint – not over the top or cheesy – but a true elegance. On winter nights, sitting outside beneath a space heater, watching snow fall on the hub… it’s beautiful. And of course, there’s the food. Now I’ve never had a character breakfast, so I can’t attest to that meal, but the fried chicken is superb. Many evenings the scent wafts into Tomorrowland answering the question of “Where shall we eat?” to passers by. While the prices are slightly higher (of course it IS Disneyland), the food is very shareable; in fact, I’ll be the first to admit I couldn’t finish a dish on my own!

Where’s your favorite place to eat? Is it because of the food, the atmosphere, or both? I love hearing from all of you!