Why I Write (And Why I Sometimes Don’t)

Greetings all – long time no talk!

Today, I thought I’d tackle perhaps the nearest and dearest subject that I can when it comes to this site and yours truly: Why I write, and why sometimes it seems there are huge gaps when I don’t.



So why do I write?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple, honestly. I love to write. It’s something I love to do. When I sit down at a keyboard, or with pen and paper in hand (which, I’ll be honest, doesn’t happen frequently), the words start flowing. It frees the soul – it’s a true passion of mine. If I could get paid to write for a living I would in a heartbeat. In fact, I have a few things I’m working on (non-Disney related) to work toward that goal someday. But I digress….

Why do I write about Disney?

First and foremost, it’s because I love Disney. With such a vast richness that the company and its history have to offer, along with my experiences with them, I feel there is so much to be said. Not that Disney is the only thing in life I feel is worth writing about – nor the only thing I love. Nonetheless, it is a powerful subject that touches so many.

Which brings me to the second reason….

Because Disney reaches so many, we have common bonds. We have fond memories of the past and often savor the hope and challenge of the future. We also have areas of disagreement as well. Many out there like to point out flaws they see within the company: in the parks, films, leadership. Now, I’m not saying that criticisms are bad. In fact, they’re quite necessary – if we didn’t have a voice, there would be no individuality, no changes. However, many sites and blogs, when they start with criticisms…. Well, let’s just say the entire area seems to take on a very cynical tone. It soon becomes a place looked at as a “Disney bashing” site, which, may or may not be entirely fair based on the situation.

Nonetheless, seeing so much in the way of criticism sent me on a course of thinking: what if I started writing about the positives? The reasons I love Disney? The magical moments, the theme parks, music, movies… there’s just so much to speak happy thoughts of! Thus, Confessions of a DisNerd was born. In doing so, I have strived to keep a positive and upbeat vibe in everything I post.

It’s not always easy. There are times I don’t agree with decisions the Walt Disney Company has made. I think this is to be expected in every corporation, as well as in any walk of life including familial relations and friendships. If we all agreed 100% of the time, things would just be…well, weird. When it comes to such things, however, I choose to not post or talk about it here. There are plenty of sites and blogs willing to discuss those matters, so why not leave it to them? I prefer to discuss the good instead.

I will admit, when it comes to negative posts on other blogs and sites, things can get downright vitriolic. Even from those who look to defend Disney, many times arguments get reduced to name calling and incredulous statements. Nowhere is this more evident than in social media, where thoughts and arguments get reduced to memes and 140 characters. I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in this whirlwind at times, not by throwing myself into the thick of the fight, but by reading and stewing. There’s a real danger in battling negativity to become negative yourself, and this is not okay. In these times, however, I will ultimately say, I have handled it the wrong way.

I stop writing.

I get so fed up with the arguments over leadership, films, theme parks, etc. that I forget to focus on the things I love instead of the arguments that I see come across my Twitter feed. When this happens, I’m not in much of a writing mood, sad to say. But perhaps I should be. Perhaps I should remember the happy things: the music I grew up on, the tv shows and movies I still love, seeing the world of Disney through my daughter’s eyes instead of those of a grumpy old me.

Why do I tell you all of this? Simply, there are times, especially in the recent past, where I have been lax in posting here, or on the social media outlets I have. While yes, things have been busy outside of the blog (life – what’s up with that?), there’s no reason to not remember the positives. That’s what Confessions is all about, after all!

I would love to say,  “Starting today, expect more posts – even a few a week!” But I don’t want to promise what I can’t deliver. I do, however want you, my dear readers who have come with me on this journey thus far to know this: I will try to remember the happiness that Disney brings me, especially in times I am brought down elsewhere. In fansites, in social media, in life outside of the World of Walt, I think this is something we can all do. Focus on what makes us happy.

For me, that’s writing. And I look forward to doing more of it.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write (And Why I Sometimes Don’t)

  1. Thanks, Craig. My thoughts run much along the same lines. Sometimes I agonize over my negative feelings towards the Walt Disney Company because I want so much to love everything they do. But I don’t. I have figured out that I am not a fan of “all things Disney”. Rather, I am a fan of “all things Walt Disney”. Insofar as the WDC adheres to the creative and business precepts of Walt, I love what they do. When they stray from theses principles, I feel let down, sad and angry. In my mind, Walt’s company always stood in refreshing contrast to other corporations. Walt was a businessman driven by creative passion rather than pure greed. I perceived Walt’s success coming from his firm belief that quality always wins out in the end, even if costs exceed business norms. The DNA of Walt’s philosophy is still present in the modern day WDC, but in many ways it has become just another big conglomerate beholden to the excesses of Wall Street. I don’t like it, but there is no point in dwelling too much on this reality which is not going to change anytime soon. It may sound silly, but if I spend too much time being upset by actions of the WDC executives, I feel like I am letting Walt down. Why not focus on the positive? That’s where the magic still lives and the passion is still alive. Despite all the corporate stuff that goes down, Walt’s precepts still manage to influence much of what the company does creatively. I don’t think that concentrating on the positive side of Disney is turning a blind eye to the negative. I see it as celebrating the life and work of Walt Disney himself. Being positive and optimistic is the Walt way and that’s why I think Confessions of a Disnerd is important. So, thanks again, Craig for setting an example for those of us who are too quick to see the negative. From where I stand, your positive outlook has served you well and may we all take note of that.

  2. One of the best things about “Confessions of a Disnerd” is the fact that it doesn’t focus on the negative. So much of what gets slung around on the internet (especially social media) is downright vicious. Regardless of the subject, it’s refreshing to know there is someplace I can go to read about something I’m interested in – without all of the scurrilous comments.

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