Ask a DisNerd – Favorite Rides and Those Darn Cats!

Good morning, all! Welcome to a slightly delayed edition of Ask a DisNerd! This time around we have two questions to answer, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

First off, Confessions reader Andrew asks: “What’s your favorite Disney ride of all time?”

It would be easier, Andrew, to tell you what my least favorite ride would be, since, generally speaking, I love almost all! But if I had to pick one ride and one ride only, it would go back to one of the original opening day rides.

Peter Pan’s Flight – pretty much perfection in an attraction that has stood the test of time.

Perhaps it’s because of the fact that Peter Pan is among my favorite Disney stories. Maybe it’s the idea of being able to fly in a pirate ship high above London and Never Land. Possibly it’s because it’s such a popular (i.e. long-lined) ride that it’s near impossible to ride over and over again, that it makes each time I ride a special treat. Nonetheless, I am like a little kid each time I get on that ship to begin my journey to the second star to the right. I can’t help but hope each time the ride breaks down. That I’m stuck for an extra amount of time floating over Never Land. To me, that’s a sign of an excellent ride – one that you can’t spend too much time on. One that captures child-like innocence and wonder. To me, that is Peter Pan’s Flight.

“Straight on ’till morning!”

Our second question comes from Confessions reader Tanya, who asks: “Why would anyone name a cat after the devil?”

Tanya, your question stumped me for a while. I was wondering what that had to do with Disney until a little light bulb went off in my head. “Ding! She’s referring to Lucifer!”

Here, kitty kitty kitty….

While I don’t have an answer to that, many theories point to the idea that Walt wasn’t all that fond of cats. Pete the Cat, aka Pegleg Pete, was Mickey Mouse’s first nemesis. The Cheshire Cat, while not villainous, wasn’t very helpful to poor Alice in any way. And those Siamese…. oh, how they tortured poor Lady. But I’m not sure I’m buying this theory. It doesn’t explain cute (and a little mischievous) Figaro or the helpful  to dalmatians everywhere Sergeant Tibbs! Just like humans, there’s a fair balance of good and bad!

So, I was left with asking the final authority on why anyone would name a cat Lucifer: My five year old daughter.

“Well, you see, when they were making Cinderella, they really wanted to name him Luci, but that’s a girl’s name. So they had to come up with a boy’s name instead. They thought about how furry he was and named him Luci-fur!”

Probably not the answer we were looking for, but pretty much as good an answer as I could find!

Alrighty, fellow DisNerds, that should do it for this time! Hope you enjoyed this overdue “Ask a DisNerd” – be sure to keep those questions coming!

6 thoughts on “Ask a DisNerd – Favorite Rides and Those Darn Cats!

    • Honestly, probably the rides in Bug’s Land, save for Heimlich’s Chew-Chew Train. That one amuses me. But the others are so low capacity and short, I just don’t find myself enjoying them. Seems the little ones love them though!

  1. I have an answer to the question of naming a cat Lucifer. Lucifer is a Roman name that means “bringer of light” (similar to the word “aquifer” meaning “bringer of water”). Lucifer is the name of an angel *before* his fall from grace. It’s an ominous name, of course, but it implies that the cat wasn’t *always* villainous. Lucifer is “fallen”, which implies that there still may be some possibility of redemption yet.

  2. Prepare for a big shock: my favourite Disney attraction of all time is a tie between 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth in Tokyo Disneysea… Not just because they’re based on Jules Verne, though that helps, but also because I think they are practically perfect Disney rides in concept and execution. The way they build on the source material without simply recapitulating it, they way they immerse the guest as characters in the story (rather than mere spectators), the technology used in them, the flawless placemaking, the wonderful animatronics, the little thrill at the end of Journey… All just fantastic.

    Now I’m going to be a jerk: what is your THIRD favourite ride? ^_^

    • Well, jerk (haha), third would probably be Haunted Mansion. Kiddo doesn’t feel she’s quite ready to ride it yet, and I don’t believe in pushing rides on your kids, so my rides are few and far between.

      And yes, shocked that you would choose something Verne-esque… 😉

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