Farewell to a Pineapple Princess

This picture of Annette and Jimmie Dodd was on the back of an LP that I played consistently as a kid. Back then, all I knew was that she was one of the Mousketeers.

There’s not much I can say about the passing of Annette Funicello that hasn’t been said by others. From the grown men that admit she was their first crush to the women who were inspired by her dancing on the Mickey Mouse Club, she touched many. All I can add is, I, along with many others, am saddened by her passing, but rejoicing in the fact that she is no longer struggling with the multiple sclerosis that she bravely battled for so many years.

In our house, the song “Pineapple Princess” (written by the Sherman Brothers) is on our “Disneyfied” playlist and comes up quite frequently. It’s a song that you just can’t help but sing along with and dance around the house to – and my wife and daughter do the same. I’m grateful for fun songs like this, with the “Annette sound,” and the fact that it is enjoyed still today is a testament to both the singer and the songwriters.

I pray she is singing and dancing along again today.

Rest in peace, Annette.

3 thoughts on “Farewell to a Pineapple Princess

  1. Thanks for posting that song! In all honesty, I’m not familier with Annette Funicello. I of course have heard of her being a Musketeer. I’ve seen one of her Beach movies from the 60s (because Buster Keaton was in it). I was sorry to hear that her illness has taken such a hard toll on her the past few years, at least now she’s in peace.

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