Want To Give A Gift To My Daughter?

Good morning, fellow DisNerds and dear readers. Today, I come forward with a different type of blog post. Although this has nothing to do with Disney, I’m hoping you still give it a read and consideration. I promise to return to my Disney infused writing after this, and won’t keep up with this type of post. However, this is a matter very near to my heart, and I feel the need to share. It’s about a gift for my daughter.
Like most 5 year old girls we know, she loves Christmas – everything to do with the holiday. The songs, the shows, the tree, the lights, the gifts… Oh does she love the gifts. What kid doesn’t? To see her eyes light up as she receives something, makes my smile even wider. But see, there’s another side to the gifts: she loves to give as well. Whether through dropping change in the Salvation Army bucket, bringing non-perishable items for a local food bank, buying gifts for Angel Tree kids at the mall… her heart is overflowing. However, the biggest gift she would like to give is not one she is able to give on her own.

This year, our church, along with many others, participated in “Operation Christmas Child.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it: people are encouraged to fill a shoe box sized box with goodies and necessities for children of a certain age group; in turn, these are delivered to kids in impoverished areas – this may be the only present that child receives. Well, upon getting our box to fill, my wife was reading the flier inside to our daughter, along with watching videos on youtube. One thing stuck out to our little girl more than anything else.

Many of these children live in villages that don’t have running water.

Since finding that out, this has come up in many conversations. “I can’t believe they don’t have running water. I wish we could give it to them. Too bad we can’t fit running water into a shoebox.” Many times, she still brings up how the most important thing to give this year would be running water. Well, the folks at World Vision may not have running water in their gift catalog, but they do have the gift option of  giving to the clean water fund. This fund goes toward providing clean wells, storage containers, piping, purifiers and more to areas of the world that don’t have the option of sanitary water like those of us here do. It may not be running water, but clean water is even more important.

Photo Copyright World Vision

So I’m here asking, would you consider giving my daughter the gift of knowing that others cared enough to make sure children in other countries had safe and sanitary water for use in their villages? You can find the information on how to donate this precious gift by clicking here. If you want, you could donate in her name (You can contact me for the info), but this is not necessary. What’s important is that you donate, and perhaps share that fact here in the comments section.

If you choose not to donate to World  Vision, would you consider donating elsewhere? Whether a few coins in a bucket, cans of soup to a food bank, or time in a homeless shelter, we all can make a difference.

Like I say, if you share, let us know! Not how much, but perhaps how or what organization you’ve chosen. Feel free to share with friends, family, other blog readers… let’s make this a season of giving!

That would be the greatest gift – not just to my little tenderhearted giving little girl, but to the world.

I truly thank you for your time on this Giving Tuesday.

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