So Now What, Mr. DisNerd?

I want to start off with a sincere thank you to readers of this blog. Your follows and “likes” on the blog itself, Facebook and Twitter have meant the world to me, as have your comments and participation here.

It’s been a great beginning.

When I started this blog journey a few months back, I started with a desire to tell stories from the perspective of a fan; not a cynic, not an all-encompassing news outlet, not a focus on one aspect of Disney. I love sharing stories with a personal slant, as well as observations I make from a DisNerd’s point of view. I have plenty to say and talk about, and I’m not going anywhere. As long as you all keep reading, I’ll keep sharing. However, in writing, I found something else I’ve enjoyed just as much:

Other people’s stories and perspective.

I realized whenever I posted my thoughts on a subject, I wasn’t alone. Others had their own opinions and experiences, and I loved reading those as much as I enjoyed writing my stories. I’ll admit that The 15 Day Disneyland Challenge was not just an exercise in a near-daily writing for me; it was also an exercise in getting people talking about Disney. I guess it’s nice to know we’re part of a bigger community. Call it what you will: Disney fans, geeks, nuts… I prefer DisNerd of course, but regardless of what we’re called, we’re our own Disneyfied family.

With that being said, I have plans to continue writing with that in mind. While the regular blog entries and stories aren’t going anywhere, I also plan on more “challenges” and posts that pose questions to readers in an effort to engage loyal readers and newcomers alike. As well, look for the occasional picture, quote or little tidbits of trivia or fun on a regular basis. Look for the possibilities of more giveaways as well, as supply and opportunity arises!

Feel free to message me via Facebook or Twitter with questions, comments or ideas. I’ve also created an account with Formspring at to answer any questions readers may like to pose. In turn, I may post the reply on the Confessions of a DisNerd blog and pose the same question to everyone else – just another way to keep the feeling of a DisNerd community going!

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with all of you and sharing the love that a man and a mouse started!

2 thoughts on “So Now What, Mr. DisNerd?

  1. Doing great oh Shrunken one….it’s so nice to read blogs and such that are so positive about the place we love. Get tired of all the ‘raggin’ people do about the park….always look forward to hearing your prospective and seeing the great pics. See you at the park one of these days…..and we’ll have breakfasst the ‘Cane ! 🙂

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