The 15 Day Disneyland Challenge: Day 1

Note: This post is part of a 15 Day challenge with questions referring to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. For more information, or to see all 15 questions, please refer to the introductory post, The 15 Day Disneyland Challenge. As stated in that post, I am not the creator of the challenge – just a willing participant!

Day One: The Attraction You Have To Go On Multiple Times.


When thinking about this one, the first ride that came to mind was “It’s a Small World,” mainly because of the multiple times we have ridden it. It was my daughter’s first ride, and the one fail safe with the shortest line and an opportunity to sit in air conditioning for nearly 15 minutes. But while the ride is classic and the song charming, ultimately, it’s not the one that leaves me longing for more.

I then thought of my favorite ride: Space Mountain. Thrilling at every turn, great effects in the “launch tunnel,” and an amazing in ride score, it’s a must ride for me. However, riding multiple times, I’d rather see more than stars and asteroids, or whatever silly pose I choose to come up with for the picture in the end.

So which ride is it that leaves me wanting more? That makes me want to ride over and over if only the line would permit? That makes me wish the ride would just stop for a minute in any given scene?

Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning!

I actually don’t remember riding this one as a child. That’s not to say I didn’t; I just don’t remember. I do, however, remember the first time I rode it in high school. I don’t know if I could even talk about it afterward – I was just a 15 year old with his jaw very near to hitting the ground. Flying over the city of London, then onto Neverland… I was in awe. To this day I dream of building a room with a loft bed and thousands of fiber optic lights that turn on once the room is dark – just because I want to live in my own Neverland.

Now that I’m older with my own family, I still see the look of wonder in my little girl’s face whenever we ride; it is definitely a family favorite. Of course, we’ve put our own traditions into riding the ride. While waiting in the queue, we yell at the Evil Queen from Snow White peeking out through the window across the way to be nice. When we are first able to spot the Darling children’s nursery we say hi to Nana in our own special way: either barking or making other various animal sounds. However, once the ride starts, we’re still all transfixed by London and Neverland, although we do try to spot Mickey hiding in the windows of Big Ben.

Of course, the view of the real night sky isn’t so bad either!

So many rides could have been used for this one, but I think this one takes the cake for sheer beauty and wonder. Perfectly fitting for a boy who refuses to grow up!

Now it’s your turn, dear readers: What’s your repeated ride of choice?

13 thoughts on “The 15 Day Disneyland Challenge: Day 1

  1. The Haunted Mansion, and for the same reasons you stated for Peter Pan- So many details! I always hope it will slow down or stop so I can see more. Plus it has such a rich history, there’s always something more to learn about it. And it’s always nice and cool inside, and the line moves fairly quickly. I dislike the holiday overlay- it’s interesting the first few times but then I miss the classic mansion. The overlay is there far too long. I also don’t like Mansion as much when it’s crowded, simply because other guests can ruin it with their flash pictures and yelling and such. But that only happens occasionally, and usually I leave the ride very satisfied but wanting more.

    • I always hope for a breakdown in the Haunted Mansion – especially about the time the Doom Buggy reaches the ballroom or the cemetery!

  2. I’m going to agree with you. Nothing invokes pure Disney fantasy for me more than Peter Pan’s Flight. Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion were also in the running. 🙂

  3. I’m a chronic re-rider… Trips to Disneyland are a special event for me, only once every few years. I can’t imagine going to Disneyland and not deliberately riding at least half of the rides as much as possible. Tokyo Disneysea also involved me pretty much riding the Mysterious Island attractions over and over again too.

    If I had to narrow it down to the one I’ve riden the most, however, it would have to go to the Haunted Mansion. I have to ride it at least once a day per trip, and until recently occupied the entirety of my last hour in the park (it was displaced by Fantasyland last time, by virtue of my girlfriend who prefers fairy tales to ghost stories). It would be followed up by the Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight, and Tokyo’s Mysterious Island ^_^

  4. I’m a day late, as always. But the one attraction I ride over and over is the Disneyland Rail Road. I can ride the train all day. Its so peaceful and relaxing, wonderful for people watching. Plus it gives you a little glimpse into the past with the Grand Canyon diorama and Primevil worlds. I love listening to the gasps of small children when it gets dark and the diorama comes into view. I also love to watch the excitement and listen to the chatter as various attractions come into view as you circle the park. Its always the first and last thing we do at the park 🙂

    • I’ve often thought if I had endless time to spend at the park how many round trips I could take in a day. It IS a great relaxing and enjoyable ride – Great choice!

  5. I love Pirates of the Carribean, especially at the beginning. I love how intricate the details are with the audiomatronics.

  6. Pirates! I can never leave the park without at least two trips. I so hope that with all the talk of an expansion in Frontierland that we might see a classic attraction like this, or at DCA replacing the Trail Challenge. I want a modern day stab at an ultimate, classic dark ride attraction like this! Until then, I’ll take my multiple trips on Pirates! 🙂

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