The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men….

Hello, dear readers. Today’s post will be short; I just wanted to write a short note to say I am still here, and I don’t plan on going anywhere; in fact, look for new posts coming later this week!

When I had planned my latest trip to Disneyland, I planned to utilize this blog, as well as the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to update and “live blog” from the area. Sadly, this was not to go down as planned. Between horrendous signals at Disneyland, general business at the park, and being in a good amount of pain from a tooth extraction that happened right before leaving, the updates didn’t come. to any readers who feel let down by this, I apologize.

With that out of the way, as said before, more blog posts are coming – make sure to check back, subscribe, follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook for updates as well when new posts are available. Thank you for your readership – it means a lot to this DisNerd!

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