Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Long Falls

Since Craig nor I posted a photo last week for Nearly Wordless Wednesday due to both of us being out in San Diego on vacation, I’m making up for it this week with two shots I took at California Adventure not too long ago.


Photography is quite a tricky hobby. Between getting the lighting just right, to figuring out your shutter speeds, it’s a delicate combination of settings to get your photos to come out just right. One style of photography I’ve been fascinated with, and have been trying to work on mastering is long exposure. This is where your shutter on your camera stays open longer to get as much light as possible. When you combine doing that with things in motion, they become blurred. So, with trying to master this, I practiced out at Grizzly River Run. This place is always beautiful, and the waterfalls along the attractions path make for some beautiful places to shoot.10702041_1563708780519617_7308243536611764949_n

Big Hero 6 Preview To Arrive At The Magic Eye in DIsneyland

Coming this fall, you’ll be able to check out even more footage from ‘Big Hero Six’! From the Disney Parks Blog:



“We still have a couple more months before “Big Hero 6” hits theaters, but soon guests at Disneyland park will get to see an exclusive sneak preview of the film. For a limited time starting September 25, the “Big Hero 6” Sneak Peek will be presented in 4D with special in-theater effects at the Magic Eye Theater in Tomorrowland.”

This film is going to be very visually stunning. Plus, the 4D effects are going to be a lot of fun to see, even if for a short time. What do you think of this short addition to the park?

Big Hero Six Meet and Greet Blasts into Disneyland!

It’s been announced for a while now on the Disney Parks Blog, but with the hype slowly rising about the film, we wanted to let you know that soon you’ll be able to meet Hiro and Baymax!


“We’re excited to announce today that Hiro and his huggable buddy Baymax will be flying to Disney Parks this fall, visiting both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort to greet fans. Look for more details in the coming weeks on where and when you’ll be able to meet these new Disney heroes! And look for “Big Hero 6” to hit theaters in 3D on November 7, 2014….”

We’re excited to check out this fun addition to the parks, and meet these two guys from what looks like a really fun film. Are you excited to check out Big Hero Six, and the meet and greet? Make sure to check back with Confessions – we’ll let you know when more info on the meet and greet becomes available!

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Started By a Cricket

Happy Wednesday, all! For my first entry in (Nearly) Wordless Wednesdays, I thought I’d share something from my Disney vinyl collection.

Wow! 10 Whole Minutes of Music! Gotta Love Those 78’s!

As much as Disney music has always been a big part of my life, I never really had a collection beyond cassettes or compact discs. All of this changed, however, about 15 years ago, when perusing a new (to me, at least) site called eBay for Jiminy Cricket items. Being my favorite, I was just looking to see what might be available with this hard to find character. The result? This 78 RPM record from 1955, with Jiminy (Cliff Edwards, the original voice, of course!) singing songs from the Mickey Mouse Club! Although the cricket was the reason for buying the item, it also set off a new love and interest for me. Collecting Disney vinyl. My collection has grown quite a bit since then (hopefully I’ll be sharing more with you in the future!), but I always look at that first item, the one that started a sort-of-obsession, with a certain sentimentality.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Coming to Buena Vista Street

Sometimes, a picture says it all:

Picture Copyright the Walt Disney Company

Picture Copyright the Walt Disney Company

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, familiar to fans of Disney lore and history as “the one that got away” from Walt Disney (thus inspiring the creation of Mickey Mouse) until the company’s re-acquisition from Universal in 2006, will be making his debut in Disney California Adventure on September 14th. The article from the Disney Parks Blog can be found by clicking here.

From the Parks Blog:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, one of Walt Disney’s earliest cartoon stars, has had a presence at Disney California Adventure park for the past couple of years, from those delightful rabbit ear hats to the Oswald ice cream sundaes at Clarabelle’s. Now, Oswald himself is set to come home to Disneyland Resort!

Are you excited about this new Buena Vista Street Meet & Greet? Do you think he’ll be a hit with fans both old and young? Sound off below with your thoughts!

Walt Disney Records Announces Plans For Disney Music Emporium


As the market for physical copies of music (sadly) continues to shrink, Rob Sourial, VP of Gloabl Marketing for Walt Disney Records, took to the Disney Music Emporium website to explain the company’s plans for phase one of the site. In his statement, Sourial explains:

” As the traditional physical music retail world continues to shrink, represents our “Field of Dreams” — A destination to house and showcase beautiful, elegant, & collectible Disney music products. Our genuine hope is that this digital global storefront becomes more than just a place to find and buy amazing Disney music not available anywhere else, but also a robust community of like-minded Disney music fans who want to engage with us in conversation. We are excited to announce that Greg Ehrbar and Randy Thornton will be contributing monthly columns addressing a wide array of topics pertaining to the history of the the Disney Music Catalog.”

The Disney Music Emporium also offers information on the current wave of collectible Compact Discs, The Legacy Collection, including the latest release, Mary Poppins.

The Legacy Collection includes book-bound CDs including extra features beyond the movie soundtrack, accompanied by artwork and behind the scenes footage.

The Legacy Collection includes book-bound CDs including extra features beyond the movie soundtrack, accompanied by artwork and behind the scenes footage.

As for the future of the Emporium, Sourial also gives us this tease:

“Got an idea for a product you wish we would release, DME is the place where you can share these ideas. In fact, we will even be introducing a “kick-starter/Groupon-like” functionality to the site in the near future, that will allow new product ideas to come to life with limited production runs….

…. Over the next 6 months we will have several updates adding more and more content, products and functionality to  We look forward to engaging with you, (the fans), to build DME into something really special that honors the continuing legacy of the Disney Music Catalog.”

As a fan of music, Disney in particular, it’s sad to see another physical form becoming more limited in availability. As one that loves cover art and liner notes, it’s hard to sometimes embrace the digital side of things. However, I applaud Walt Disney Records in this venture. With people such as Sourial, Randy Thornton and historian Greg Ehrbar aboard, I look forward to some possibly amazing limited releases in the future as well.

Have any thoughts on this new direction? I’d love to hear them – sound off below!

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Patriotic Evening at The Cinema

Happy mid-week, all! We’d like to welcome you to a new feature here at Confessions: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday. Every Wednesday, we will be sharing a picture. Whether from the park, from daily life (related to Disney) or possible interesting finds, we plan on sharing, along with a few brief words to accompany the photo. Hope you enjoy!


Surrounded by patriotic flags and bunting, the cinema is one of America’s classic icons, especially along old Main Street U.S.A

This week is a shot I took on the Fourth of July. My wife and I had decided almost last minute to go down to the parks, since we had no plans, and enjoy the patriotic fireworks. While camping out for our spot on Main Street, I wandered around and took some photos of the buildings. This one really turned out the best of them all, because I feel like if you really didn’t know this was Disneyland, you could almost see it being a film set for something like ‘Hello Dolly!’.