An Evolving Glow: New Merchandise Coming This Fall


Have you seen the video of all the fans wearing Glow with the Show ears at World of Color? It’s fantastic to see thousands of fans wearing color-changing ears as they view the wonderful water show. But now, as the Disney Parks Blog has announced, fans can glow even more with the show! Check the announcement below for more information.

“This fall, we are adding some new merchandise items that contain this interactive technology under a new name called ‘Made With Magic.’

Made With Magic items will excite, delight, light up and interact with select Disney experiences at Disney Parks. We will continue to offer the original ear hat first introduced a few years ago. New items will include a new Minnie Mouse-inspired headband, a Mickey Mouse glove and, my favorite, a magical wand that reminds me of Sorcerer Mickey.


The Sorcerer Mickey wand will have multiple light-up functions and will give guests the ability to change the light patterns of other Made With Magic items. Guests can also place the Made With Magic items in a color-changing demo mode, when they aren’t present at “Made With Magic”-enabled entertainment.”

Hopefully we’ll see more guests wearing glowing gloves, and waving wands at each of the Disney Parks shows. What do you think of this tech? Is it worth your $25 to glow with the show? Sound off in the comments below!

Why Our #DisneySide is Still Showing… And Always Will

It’s been over a year since Disney started their #DisneySide social media campaign, and with the “Haunt Your Disney Side” contest recently announced, it looks as though it will be continuing for a while.

And that’s just fine with me.

If you’re unsure as to what “Disney Side” means, exactly, it’s defined by Disney as follows: “It’s the side you simply can’t wait to share. It’s the side of you that laughs more, screams more, and just plain lives life to the fullest. It’s the side of you that comes out to play the moment you and your family step through the gates of a Disney theme park.” I think as fans of Disney, many of us can relate to that statement and agree we definitely DO have a Disney Side. At the same time, I think there’s even more to it than that.

To me, a Disney Side isn’t JUST about the parks. It’s about Disney, and how different aspects of it are brought out through our personalities in daily life. It’s that side of us that causes us to find “hidden Mickeys” in the clouds. It’s the part that has to burst out singing, “To defeat… the Huns!” anytime someone says, “Let’s get down to business.” It’s that lump in your throat any time you hear the familiar strains of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” It’s the fact that while Disney may not rule our lives, it’s such a part that if it was no longer there, we’d feel as though something was missing.

So when this campaign first launched, I knew it was something I could definitely get into. Little did I know how into it I’d be getting.

Shortly after it was announced, Disney also launched a “Show Your Disney Side” Vine contest, challenging fans to show their Disney Side through a roughly six second video. Although I had heard of Vine, it was not an app I was familiar with using. This was soon to change. Over the course of about two weeks, the DisNerd family started brainstorming, scripting, and executing ideas for the sake of showing off our Disney Side selves.

Our ideas ranged from simple….



… to paying tribute to favorite films…



…or theme park attractions….

…. and just outright punny.

After multiple videos, we realized how much fun we were having showing off our Disney Sides. It brought out creativity, playfulness, and family togetherness, creating memories that will last a lifetime. However, we had an idea for one more Vine. One that pretty much encapsulated how we felt about taking trips to Disneyland. With that in mind, we scripted out our idea, with input from all three of us, coming up with the following:

It’s a little hard to explain why, but when we finished with this Vine, we just looked at each other and said, “This is it. This is the one. If we have a chance of winning in the contest, it’s this one.” And with that, our Vine entries were done. Sure enough, over a week later, I was contacted that “Dreaming of Disney” had indeed won the daily contest! And while that was a grand accomplishment, the bigger one was this creative flow that had come from it all – one that had inspired us to have fun and bond over something we truly loved.

If we felt our Disney Side had shown before, it definitely seems to be showing even more now! We have done more Vine videos for fun, we have encouraged ourselves to try new things (such as a Run Disney event next year), and just embrace our love for the company started by Walt even more than we already did!

Another way we show our Disney Side? Disney Bounding - Dapperly, of course!

Another way we show our Disney Side? Disney Bounding – Dapperly, of course!

 So thank you, Disney. Thank you for introducing the #DisneySide campaign. For inspiring us and countless others to be able to share our individual Disney Sides with a like minded group! What about you, fellow DisNerds? Have you participated in any official #DisneySide promotions? Or, how do you show your Disney Side elsewhere? I’d love to hear!

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy ‘Nawlins


This area of Disneyland is one of my favorite places to shoot. The architecture, lights, and greenery are all so beautiful to me. Walt Disney really made one of the best lands to-date, in my opinion. Combining pirates, ghosts, and the bayou city next to Frontierland really was an amazingly brilliant idea.

At night, especially after the last showing of Fantasmic!, the area really calms down. People start to slowly drag themselves to the front of the park, while a small bit of night owls hang back, making it much easier to get desolated shots such as this. Personally, I find it to be a bit more romantic and relaxed when no one else is here while I shoot these photos but my wife and I. We get to stand and talk about things going on, sipping coffee and enjoying the time together.

Sometimes in my mind, I love to imagine if Walt ever took Lillian on a date after hours in the park. Walking around, talking about the latest project, their daughters, maybe even walking into The Golden Horseshoe, and scooping a root beer float for the two of them. And if I’m lucky, I can almost picture seeing them walking around when it’s this empty, still enjoying the park, and seeing all that’s been made after he left.

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Magical Birthdays

Greetings, fellow DisNerds! Today may only be nearly wordless from us, as we choose to share a video in lieu of a picture. However, as today happens to be the birthday of both Walt Disney World and Julie Andrews, we here at Confessions felt it only appropriate to share Walt Disney World’s grand opening celebration, hosted by Dame Julie herself! So sit back, relax, and travel to 1971….


Happy birthday, Walt Disney World! Happy birthday, Ms. Andrews! Also, lest we forget, happy birthday to Epcot as well!

Disney To Change Princess Doll Manufacturers In 2016

After 20 years of partnering with Mattel, Disney has switched over to its toy competitor Hasbro for the manufacturing rights of all things Disney Princess. According to a news article from CNN Money,

“Barbie doll maker Mattel, which has long catered to girls, has had exclusive rights to make Disney Princess dolls since 1996. Frozen’s gargantuan showing at the Box Office — it’s grossed more than $1 billion worldwide so far — has been huge for the company. So much so that is started taking away from Mattel’s other big brands.

Barbie sales fell 15% in the most recent quarter, and Monster High dolls, which had been a big growth area for the company, fell 26%. Disney Princess sales, on the other hand, were up 10%.”


A little editorial from me: I'm excited to see if there will be a difference in the dolls Hasbro produces - hopefully resembling the Princesses more!

A little editorial from me: I’m excited to see if there will be a difference in the dolls Hasbro produces – hopefully resembling the Princesses more!


The article also states that while financial details of the deal were unavailable, the Princess franchise brings in $4 billion a year for Disney, mainly through shows and licensing.

Hasbro will begin manufacturing and distributing the Disney Princess line in 2016.


(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday – Main Street, Anywhere, USA

Main Street, USA in Disneyland.

Designed to deliver a slice of Americana; to resemble small town main streets at the turn of the century. From the Main Street Cinema to the opera house, from the horse drawn streetcars to the newfangled horseless carriage… When one sits on a bench on Main Street, they can almost get that small town vibe that never existed in their youth.


In all the old town pictures I’ve seen, I’ve never seen a castle or a giant Swiss mountain looming in the distance, nor the spires of a space station peeking over the opera house. Only Disneyland has this unique perspective, which reminds us we truly are in a land of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. This thought did inspire me, however. What if I took a retro picture of Main Street, with people dressed in their Sunday best, and removed the castle in the background? Would it truly look like that “Anytown” that Walt and his Imagineers were going for? Thanks to the technology of photo editing (my only wish is that I had a higher resolution pic to share with you!), I came up with the following picture:




What do you think, fellow DisNerds? Without the castle, can you see this as an early 20th century town? I personally think it’s a tribute to how well Main Street was designed – mission accomplished, Walt!

Support Team Daps Magic in the 2014 CHOC Walk in the Park



Greetings, dear readers! As September begins to slowly wind down and we head into October, I wanted to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite events taking place at the Disneyland Resort. In all honesty, it has very little to to with Disney, but is something near and dear to many, and is something I’d love to see get more publicity and participation. For more information, I’ve included a little Q&A below:




What exactly is CHOC?

CHOC stands for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, one of the best children’s hospitals as named by U.S. News and World Report. From the CHOC website:

“For more than 45 years, CHOC Children’s has been steadfastly committed to providing the highest quality medical care to children. Affiliated with the University of California, Irvine, our regional pediatric healthcare network includes a state-of-the-art 279-bed main hospital facility in the City of Orange, and a hospital-within-a-hospital in Mission Viejo. CHOC also offers many primary and specialty care clinics, more than 100 additional programs and services, a pediatric residency program, and four centers of excellence – The CHOC Children’s Heart, Neuroscience, Orthopaedic and Hyundai Cancer Institutes.”

What is the CHOC Walk in the Park?

CHOC “Walk in the Park,” presented by Disneyland Resort, is the largest and most unique single pediatric walk event in the nation. Among the event’s estimated 15,000 walkers are participants from across the U.S. and around the world, including walkers from Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Korea.

“CHOC Walkers” come together to celebrate the lives of children saved by CHOC Children’s, and to honor the memory of those children who bravely lost their battle against serious disease or illness. Nearly 800 teams are expected, and include current and former patients and families, as well as doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Last year’s event raised $2.1 million, and since its inception 24 years ago in 1990, the Walk has raised more than $22 million.

The 2014 walk covers three miles through Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park where “CHOC Walkers” get a special peek at the magic of the Disneyland Resort before the parks open to the general public. At the end of the 5k walk, the event continues in the resort’s Downtown Disney District where event sponsors, hospital support groups, shops and restaurants have special offers for Walk participants.

“The Disneyland Resort has been a proud supporter of Children’s Hospital Orange County for the past 50 years,” said Michael Colglazier, president of the Disneyland Resort. “CHOC ‘Walk in the Park’ is a very special event for our Cast Members, and we look forward to hosting it for the 13th straight year.”
The popular event is the biggest annual fundraising effort for CHOC Children’s, a regional pediatric health care system (serving children and families in Southern California and beyond) that includes two hospitals, many primary and specialty care clinics, and four clinical centers of excellence – the CHOC Children’s Heart, Neuroscience, Orthopaedic and Hyundai Cancer Institutes. Monies raised support a variety of patient and family programs, as well as education, research and the development and adoption of the latest technologies to advance the health of patients at CHOC Children’s. – via CHOC Walk in the Park Press Realease


For more information, visit the official CHOC Walk in the Park website, “like” their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.



How can I participate?

You can participate by clicking here to register online to walk as an individual, team member, or create a team to walk with. Each walker needs to raise $50 to walk, and space is limited – the walk fills to capacity every year!

Does Confessions Of A DisNerd have a team?

While I would love to form a team to participate in the future, there will not be a Confessions team this year. Due to location (Not SoCal) and other circumstances, I will not be around to participate. However, this year, Confessions is STRONGLY encouraging those who want to join a team, to partner with another great Disney centered site, Daps Magic. Robert and his team have been participating in the CHOC Walk for several years, and welcome new team members and donations to their team as well. If you choose to sign up with their team, tell them Confessions sent you!

Side note: Daps Magic is truly a great site: positive, informative, and fun. Their Geeks Corner Podcast is great, too - be sure to check them out!

Side note: Daps Magic is truly a great site: positive, informative, and fun. Their Geeks Corner Podcast is great, too – be sure to check them out!

I can’t join either, but would like to donate toward the walk, is this possible?

Of course! Once again, I highly encourage you to support Team Daps Magic if you are unsure of who to donate to, but would like to make a difference. And make a difference you will.

On a personal note, I realize not everyone is able to donate or participate, and this is fine – we all do what we can where we can. Well wishes for those walking or fundraising really do mean a lot as well! I do encourage, however, all readers to go out and make a difference in their community by participating in walks, encouraging others, volunteering and supporting in any way you can. If you read this blog, you’re more than just a fellow “DisNerd”; you’re a fellow human being who can make a difference!