Two Plus Years and Counting!

Note: The contest portion of this blog entry is now closed. A winner will be selected shortly through’s name and sequence generators. The winner will be announced here and on Facebook, after they have been personally notified. Thanks for entering!


Wow – where has the time gone? Could it really be that Confessions is two years old?

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you, dear blog readers and fellow DisNerds. Thank you for reading, sharing, and “liking” my posts on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A couple of years back I decided to start a blog devoted to Disney – what an original concept, right? Only, I wanted to dedicate it to everything in life that makes Disney great, whether it be the movies, music, theme parks, TV shows… anything that sparked a love in all Disney fans. Here we are, two years later and still going strong. I’ll admit, I started writing more for the sake of being able to have an outlet of positivity, and less with the intentions of building an audience. Yet, as I look back on the comments and stories you’ve shared… I realize, I couldn’t have done it without all of you! So thank you, dear readers, from the bottom of my heart. You all mean more to me than I can ever put into words; but that won’t stop me from trying as we move forward!

As a token of thanks, as well as in celebration of two years and 600+ Facebook fans, I’d like to do a little giveaway. Anyone here a fan of Disney books? Well, this is the contest for you! I have a collection of four Disney books I would like to present to one lucky reader. These are older books that I have managed to find over the years. They are not “mint condition” (a few seem to possibly be old library books), however, they are in good shape, and if you’re a Disney aficionado like me, you will probably find them quite fun, interesting and collectible. The books are listed below:

Walt Disney World Souvenir Book, Hardcover (Unsure of Year - Looks to be early 80's?)

Walt Disney World Souvenir Book, Hardcover (Unsure of Year – Looks to be early 80’s?)


The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World Souvenir, Hardcover With No Dust Jacket, 1979

The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World Souvenir, Hardcover With No Dust Jacket, 1979


Walt Disney's World of Fantasy Hardcover Book - This one covers movies, TV, and parks - Mid 80's

Walt Disney’s World of Fantasy Hardcover Book – This one covers movies, TV, and parks – Mid 80’s


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & the Making of a Classic Film Hardcover Book

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & the Making of a Classic Film Hardcover Book


There you have it, folks, four not-new but pretty awesome books to go to one reader!

What do you have to do to enter? We’ll make this one simple: Leave a comment below about your favorite Disney “thing.” Whether it’s a movie, a character, a park, a ride… feel free to say as little or as much as you’d like. Just make sure to leave a comment! On Friday, May 16th, at 2:00pm PST, the contest will be closed and one winner randomly drawn.

Once again, all, thank you so much for being part of “Confessions of a DisNerd.” I look forward to many new posts and features to come in the future! Good luck to all who enter the contest – I’m excited to read your responses!

21 thoughts on “Two Plus Years and Counting!

  1. My favorite thing? Seeing the imagination of my little sister run wild while we’re at the parks. Teaching her about Disneyland’s past, and present.

  2. My favorite “thing” from Disney is the feeling I get when I enter Disneyland. I only get that feeling there. It’s hard to describe. I think it’s a mix of excitement and love and looking forward to the many more memories I will make at my favorite place in the world with my favorite people in the world, my family.

  3. Congratulations on Two years!! My favorite Disney “thing” hmmm that’s hard. One thing I love about Disney is the attention to detail and dedication the company has to make sure everything is done the best possible. I love the cast members at the parks and how helpful they are to make your vacation magical. They are definitely under appreciated. Lastly, I love the legacy that Walt left for us and his quotes that inspire me every day. Oh and Dole Whips. Dole Whips are my favorite.

  4. Just one thing?!? Gosh…

    It is the romance of Disney, in the classical sense of the term. The sense of fantasy and adventure, the exotic and the whimsical, the beautiful and the sublime, the imaginative, the aesthetic… Whether we’re talking the animated films or the theme parks, Fantasia or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (my favourite animated and live-action Disney films), Main Street USA or Fantasyland, the Haunted Mansion or Dumbo the Flying Elephant, that is the common denominator.

  5. I absolutely love all that you write about, so much negatively is posted online and I know that I can always head your way and smile. Thanks for the spreading Disney LOVE!

  6. going to disneyland with my family. And seeing that my daughter gets as excited over something disney as much as I do. (:

  7. I love the magic that happens all around you. Watching the kids smile and meet Mickey for the first time. The older couple who enjoy each other and the memories they’ve made at the parks. The first time walking under the train tracks into Disneyland. The first time I see Goofy. ;)

  8. My favorite thing is going to the parks with my parents. Especially now that I’m older they still make an effort to spend time with me and take my brother and I. We are young adults now going to college and I realize why its such a loved place for us and why we spend so much of our most memorable family time there. My parents know we will keep growing up and eventually move away and start our own families and there isn’t a lot of time left as we grow older. I know we will always be their little kids to them. Being surrounded in that magic brings good memories back and it gives us more memories to build upon as we grow older and carry it with us out into the world as we begin new chapters in our own individual lives.

  9. My favorite thing about Disney is strolling around Epcot (or Boardwalk) at twilight, holding my honey’s hand, soaking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the happiest place on earth.

  10. There’s no one thing that I love about Disney. I pretty much grew up at Disneyland, and I realize now how fortunate I was. I love Disney for all of his ideas, he brought stories to life. I love the movies, the parks, the characters. It shaped me to be a better person, I believe. That’s why I love your Facebook posts, you bring all that back to life for me. :) thank you so much and congrats on two years! Hopefully there are many more! :)

  11. Oooh…. My one favorite thing? Definitely the parks. Or, even more specifically, spending time with my family at any of the parks. We have a tradition of going at least once a year and have managed to hit three of the five (FL, CA, and Tokyo). We’re going to Paris in a year or so! There’s something special about our times there. It’s the one time of the year where we don’t worry about schooling or work or problems, it’s just us. Spending time in the most magical place in the world. :)

  12. Wow Craig! Very generous of you! I love World of Color, such a beautiful mix of technology and Disney magic!

  13. My favorite thing is the history! Not just Disney history but how they incorporate real history into the fictional storytelling, especially in the parks. Older examples include things like the Rivers of America, but newer attractions include history too, like Cars Land which is full of nods to Route 66 in it’s glory days.

  14. The thing I love most about Disney is the magic. Whether you are at one of the parks, watching a movie, or just listening to a favorite song from a movie; there is a sense of magic that just makes the world feel ok and happy for me.

  15. I refuse to pick a single thing, so I’m giving you two. My number one favorite Disney thing is Disneyland. It just feels like home. Beyond the wonderful memories I have as a child and wit my own children, it has been a place to reconnect, to grieve (as odd as that sounds), to be happy, to move on, to begin… so many things in my life as an adults have centered on or occurred at or with Disneyland. It’s important.

    My number two thing is the amazing community of friends I have gained from this little passion of mine. From other travel agents, new friends at the VF Scavenger Hunt and future business partners, heh, Disney friends are awesome!

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